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Catriona Palombo, Stephen Murray
55 South Methven Street

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01738 621929

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Monday to Saturday, 10 - 4


Catriona Palombo

Stephen Murray

About Push

Unsure and unclear about what to do regarding work, it is a difficult decision! PUSH can help you make decisions and support you to find your direction through a variety of Person Centred Planning methods so that you can be all you can be in the workplace!

  • We will explore and provide you with knowledge and a level of understanding with regards what you see as your role in the workplace, so that you are more prepared when you move to the next stage.
  • We will provide onsite and practical skill development within a retail setting as well as providing opportunities to develop your creative skills (part of our recycling project), I.T Skills, working on our allotment and in social care.
  • We will work with you to create a measurable action plan so that your progression is challenging, yet achievable.
  • We will explore where your interests lie, what skills you have and how this can be developed so that you will reach your potential.
  • You will be ready to make plans for your future employment, training, education or volunteer position.