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Personal Data Use

Perth & Kinross Employability Network is a non-profit group of government and third sector organisations who provide support and assistance to those looking to improve their chances at employment but are faced with a number of barriers.

The Network is funded wholly by its member organisations and does not use website advertising to support it's work. As such we do not use any kind of advertising network service and do not extensively share visitor information to third parties.

Some information is collected from visitors to provide the best possible service we can, but you can opt-in or opt-out of that data collection. You can change your mind at any time by re-visiting this page and changing the settings below.

Server Logs

Web Sites are provided by computers on the internet referred to as web servers. These servers keep a log of visitors, including their Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is done to support server security and to work out 'what went wrong' if there is a problem with the website. This information is used for server management only and is not shared with any third parties

Google Services

We use Google Analytics to work out how people are using the website. This helps use improve the website to make it easier to use and understand. In our use of Analytics we use the 'IP-Anonymiser' feature which hides your true IP address. We also use Google Maps to show you a map of where member organisations are. If you'd like to know more about how Google uses your data you can view their Privacy Policy

Social Media

Many visitors like to be able to Share, Like and Tweet about the sites they visit and news they see. The website contains buttons to do these things, and some members have their own pages. Some of your data will be tracked by social media platforms if these features are enabled. If you do not wish this, or you do not use these social media websites, you can just untick the boxes and these features will not be enabled.

Twitter Privacy Policy

Facebook Privacy Policy