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About Carer Positive

Carer Positive aims to encourage employers to create a supportive working environment for carers in the workplace.

Supporting carers to manage the sometimes difficult job of balancing work with caring responsibilities can deliver real benefits to employers as well as helping individuals and their families. Unfortunately many carers give up work because the job of juggling their work and caring responsibilities simply becomes too much.

The Carer Positive kitemark is awarded to employers in Scotland who have a working environment where carers are valued and supported. Carer Positive employers recognise the importance of retaining experienced members of staff, reducing absence, and cutting down on avoidable recruitment costs.

What‘s involved

The Carer Positive process is aimed to be clear and straightforward, based on a simple self-assessment process, with employers describing how they meet the criteria expected at each of 3 levels of the kitemark: engaged, established and exemplary.

Employers can progress from one stage to the next, building from an initial level of commitment to embedding a culture of support for carers within the organisation.


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