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: The Employment Initiatives Team

EmployabiliTAY Programme Start

Running from until

This programme offers a full package of support covering career guidance, all manner of employability and employer engagement work, access to funds for interview clothes, haircuts, lunches and travel paid as well as specialist help from a whole network of providers including:

  • Skills Development Scotland
  • NHS Mental health support service
  • Housing – tenancy sustainment
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • Employers
  • And more…

We are looking for ‘job ready / job open’ clients who are able and willing to attend this 3 weeks intensive course as well as follow up visits. If you are working with someone who just needs that final push to get over the line, this programme can and will get results.

Interviews by request as of Monday 18th June onwards.

Enquiries to Sandra Cooper

by email : SandraCooper@pkc.gov.uk

by phone : 01738 459609

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